Land Acquisition and Development

Creating Prospering Communities

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Williams Farm800x600Families make a house a home, and neighbors make a group of homes a neighborhood. Fleming Homes’ principals understand that a truly great community begins with acquiring the right piece of land, and then developing that land to its greatest potential. The Fleming Homes’ team understands that truly great neighborhoods don’t happen by accident.

It all begins with location. Is the property convenient to shopping, schools and transportation? All of these factors are important to a residents’ everyday quality of life.

What about topography? Does the site under consideration offer easy walkability for its residents? Are the streets too steep to learn how to ride a bicycle? It’s a simple thing, but very important to a child who is ready to ride without their training wheels for the first time.

Does a property offer natural features that can be saved and turned into a neighborhood benefit? Maybe it’s a row of ancient oak trees. Can the streets be designed to preserve a treasure such as this for future generations of residents to enjoy?

The combined experience of the Fleming Homes’ management team relative to land acquisition, numbers in the hundreds of successfully completed neighborhoods, and they’ll be the first to tell you that they’ve learned something important from each and every one of them. This collective knowledge is applied to every new venture, and it makes each neighborhood better than the last.

Fleming Homes strives for perfection in acquiring and developing land. It’s addressing these concerns (and many more) upfront that help ensure that a Fleming Homes community remains a much sought-after address for many years to come.